Interior Design As An Art Form

Interior design is not just a way to improve the look of a home or workplace. It is also an art form in its own right. It requires a knowledge of aesthetics, as well as a good level of creativity. A professional interior designer will consider several factors when coming up with the right look for a room.

Use Of Space

Just as a painter will be limited by their palette, interior designers are restricted by the amount of space available to them. They need to utilise this area so that it looks its best. The first thing they should do is measure this space and then separate it into sectors. This allows them to more easily work out where different elements should go.


It is very important that the right furniture is used. The number of people who need to sit down should be taken into account. Too little furniture will cause an issue. Too much will mean that space is taken up unnecessarily.

It is wise to invest in good quality chairs and sofas. It can be tempting to go for cheaper products. However, they will be made from inferior materials and are likely to be less comfortable. This does not mean that all bargains are to be avoided.

A pro interior designer will recognise a good deal that is within their project budget. For instance, sales on ikea sofa covers are worth keeping an eye on. Knowing when and when not to buy an item is a key skill for this art form.

Importance Of Colour

Like other types of visual art, colour is a vital part of interior design. In order to maintain a sense of consistency a colour scheme needs to be chosen. This will give the room its own unique atmosphere and character.

Whites and creams are often favoured as they can make the room look spacious and organised. However, interiors can be any colour. Smart lighting can be used in modern homes to illuminate it in a range of different colours and hues. Alternatively, a single colour can be chosen instead and then painted onto the walls. Wall hangings such as posters and canvasses can also be used in this regard.


It is all well and good to create an interior that looks great. However, designers also need to bear in mind that they are building a living space. For this reason functionality is important to think about. This form of art involves striking a good balance between the aesthetic of an area and its everyday use. The most sought after designers will have a good sense of practicality and not get carried away by the purely visual side of things.