Choosing Art for Hotel Room Decor

If you are in the business of running a hotel, or if you own such an establishment, you should have the right decor facilities. Many guests these days look at aspects such as decor and customer care service to determine whether they will be coming back or if they will leave a bad review and move to the next hotel. When choosing art for a hotel room, some of the factors to consider are as follows.


The space that you have has a bearing on the artwork that you choose. For instance, if it is a small cosy place, it will not be aesthetically pleasing for you to go for huge paintings that will swallow up space and make the room look cluttered and smaller. The positioning of the art piece should also give the room some form of symmetry.


Before buying any artwork for a hotel, look at how it complements the theme of the design work. It should blend in with other items such as the rugs, furniture, and curtains that are in the room. If you find yourself feeling uncertain about the kind of art to get, you should work with a professional decorator. Other than art, they can also help you with how to choose lighting and find further details that will put the room together.

Material Used

When it comes to art for the hotel, the material used to make it plays a significant role in deciding if it is adequate. If you go for art created with a material that gets dirty quickly, it means that it will end up ruining the entire look of the space and make the hotel look unclean. This will, in turn, have a very negative effect on the kind of reviews that you will get. Nobody wants to stay at a place that looks untidy.

It is always a good touch with hotel art when you decide to shop local. Go for artwork that has been produced by the locals so that your hotel has a homely look. It can also provide a perfect talking point with guests who might want to know the origin of the artwork.