The Art Of Painting Inclement Weather


Inclement weather is harsh climatic conditions in which it is excessively cold and rainy at the same time. During such conditions, most people tend to dress warmly since they consider the weather unpleasant. But any artist looks at inclement weather from a positive perspective. Ever thought of how awesome it would be to stand behind a window and paint the weather outside, or to imagine how the weather looks and visualise it in art? If not, then it is the perfect time to make a painting of the rain, clouds or snow.

Inclement weather art

We cannot alter climatic conditions. Seasons will come and go, and artists of every kind take the very best from every weather condition. Art is one of the ways through which you can make bad weather a memorable experience. When it is wet and cold, you can get crafted raincoats at and venture out in the rain to find exciting spots or happenings to paint. For an excellent final result, always pick a scene that has different colour combinations. You can enhance the light areas of your painting by using complementary colours, such as orange light emerging brightly through toned grey clouds. Extreme weather can result in a vibrant art piece, thanks to the dominant greys that burst out in full force, with shades of reds, oranges, and yellows.

During inclement weather, unless using watercolours, you can use paints that are specifically made for cold weather. While using other paints might work, they might take longer to dry so that you can experiment with the desired results. Also, during such times, paints tend to be thicker. As such, unless you are painting on canvas, ensure that you use brushes and rollers that are designed for thicker paint. You can try polyester and nylon brushes since their stiffness enables them to hold thick paint. With the right equipment and paint, you will be good to start creating an artwork of your choice.

The streets during inclement weather

People express ideas and emotions through paintings. The tones, lines, shapes, textures, and colours are used by artists to produce sensations on flat surfaces. Inclement weather has always inspired a special kind of art, whether it is a picture of a snowy or rainy day. painting rain in watercolour brings to life what we normally don’t see every day, and produces a different perspective of the weather by transforming it into art!